Rocket Ship Program

Total Balloon
Category Management

The numbers tell the story

increased gross profits with some customers reporting more than 50%*


reduced shrink*


reduced employee labor*


• Nearly $1,500,000 in unsold Holiday product returned to Allen by customers

$500,000 in credits for obsolete inventory from previous vendors

* As reported by Allen Rocket Ship Total Category Management. Data on file in the last ten years.

Our six streamlined steps to balloon success

  • STEP 1:Obsolete inventory allowance
  • STEP 2:Guaranteed sale and shrink reduction
  • STEP 3:Labor reduction and helium savings
  • STEP 4:Simplification
  • STEP 5:Inventory control
  • STEP 6:New store set up
    & training from Allen
rocketship side
Obsolete inventory allowance
  • Solves problem inventory issues
  • Cleans up your back room and vital work space
  • Reduces shrink while increasing profits
  • Carrying obsolete inventory costs you money
    • Money tied up in “wrong” styles
    • Labor-intensive inventories
    • Clutter and disorganization detract from merchandising and image
    • You waste time and lose sales opportunities
  • Helping you eliminate years of accumulated obsolete inventory
Guaranteed sale and shrink reduction
  • We won’t profit from your shrink – We promise you can maximize your sales for every holiday without any worries about shrink
  • No clutter to carry over year after year
  • Never have leftover holiday product again!
  • Allen’s Rocket Ship program provides the cleanest inventory in the industry
Labor reduction and helium savings
  • Proprietary Allen Helium Transport System delivers a proven solution to reduce labor hours and increase sales
  • Slash labor up to 75%
  • Your balloons will be more saleable all the time so your sales and profits will take off. You would not permit a rotten tomato to be displayed with the fresh tomatoes. The same principle holds true for balloons.
  • Allen Helium Transport System features a net-zero cost to our balloon/helium partners. Check for details

ANAGRAM XtraLife® & HeLIUM Saver® balloons – by the numbers

See the longer-lasting difference and experience increased sales with ANAGRAM XtraLife® & HeLIUM SAVER® balloons constructed with XtraLife technology

  • 20% helium savings per balloon
  • 3-5 times longer float time
  • Fill our Helium Savers® JUMBO balloons for just $.50
  • You get up to $300 more in balloon sales from each helium tank
  • Custom catalog created just for your stores
  • Holiday orders predetermined for all stores
  • Custom UPC barbell labels ensure scanning accuracy while increasing sales
  • Just five UPCs scan your entire helium balloon program – Cost Average Pricing works for you – Pay one low price for all 18” standard balloons
  • Streamlined, automatic helium delivery to all your locations
Inventory control
  • Manageable Minimum orders that work for you
  • Detailed plan-o-grams and management
  • Holiday pre-order solutions
  • Simplification of pricing aids and supplies
  • Limited-time offerings prevent over stock situations
  • Cost average pricing for greater accuracy and more reliable profit data
New store set up and training from Allen University
  • Properly configured plan-o-gram results in lower inventory investment and maximized sales
  • Beautiful, effectively merchandised product and displays
  • We review the Guide to Inventory Management with your store staff to ensure a thorough understanding of the inventory management system and guaranteed sale and order processes
  • Get everything you need to start selling balloons and building profits from day one
  • Allen customer service representatives consult, advise, and work with you every step of the way

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